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Debt Syndication

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Debt Syndication
Debt Syndication
  • Debt Syndication

Debt Syndication


Our Debt Syndication team takes up funding activities for diverse business requirements of Corporates. We assist corporates in raising funds through debt by offering different ‘Structured Debt Product’ for their various requirements such as Working Capital, Expansion, foreign Funding etc. With our broad array of financing solutions, ranging from traditional loans and commitments to complex structured financing, we’ll help take your business to next level.


Our professionals' advice is supported by a true understanding of the issues involved and challenges faced by corporates, factors effecting financial markets, deep sector knowledge and a skilled negotiation process with the banks/financial Institutions.

Extensive experience & expertise of our team in syndicating debt in India & abroad with our market presence helps us advising the clients with appropriate financing options. Our comprehensive advisory services in the domain include:


  • Arranging Working Capital & Term Loan Finance
  • Arranging structured debt including, factoring, cross-border loan Syndication, rupee as well foreign currency Debt including Syndication of External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs).
  • Detailed financial and technical evaluation of the project and its appraisal.
  • Liasioning with the various financial institutions and related organizations.
  • Negotiating and placing loans with banks.
  • International Subsidiary financing.
  • Restructuring the debt, if required. & Re-structure the capital and resolve debt obligations with innovative structures to improve valuations for stakeholders

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