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About Us


KeySol Consulting Private Limited is one of the most talented team of Corporate Finance Professionals founded with a mainstay vision of offering and enhancing value-proposition of client's business by offering and delivering precise, effective and most importantly timely “Business-finance Solution” through most practical and innovative solutions available in the industry.

Our team has a superb and successful track record of excellence in “satisfactory” closure of deals along with client servicing too.

KeySol was set up from an identified need for an investment bank that would provide top class investment banking services to emerging corporate. Promoted as a boutique outfit, by a team of professionals with a successful entrepreneurial track record and proven credentials in investment banking & corporate advisory services, we have advised reputed & well-known clients in their growth plans, specifically in their business planning, capital raising, strategic alliances and inorganic plans.

KeySol Consulting has a credible record as a boutique investment bank, having experience in both high tech and traditional industries.



Investment banking is a trust-based relationship between an advisor and the client with high levels of energy & efforts required to deliver on solution. At KeySol, we ensure that each of our personnel consciously imbibe these qualities, so that we as a firm deliver very time we engage with our clients. These qualities are reflected in our Core Values which we adhere to rigorously and systematically.



We endeavour to build a strong relationship with our clients. Transaction execution is just part of the relationship and not an end objective by itself. Partnering with our clients and shaping their long-term growth is!!!



Trust is the underpinning element of each of our relationship. We value our client’s confidentialities & sensitivities and handle out client’s information the same way as we would handle our own information.



We are not just strategic advisors to our clients. We take ownership of our client’s issues and ensure that each one of them is addressed to the fullest.


Passion & Energy

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we bring the same passion to the investment banking business just like you as an entrepreneur bring to your business.